If you are interested in our premedical preparatory course, you can apply for the course using the form below. What happens then?

  1. We will process your registration and send payment information to your email address within 24 hours (please, also check your spam folder).
  2. You will pay the course fee according to the instructions in the email.
  3. As soon as we receive your payment, we will give you access to our educational videos and the app for training of sample questions (if included in the purchased package).
  4. You can enjoy the course and prepare yourself for the medical school entrance exams. :) You can watch the teaching videos as many times as you want, as well as practice questions in the app.

Registration for the 2024 premedical preparatory course is already opened.

Premium course

Course includes 70 hours of lecture videos from biology and chemistry, possibility to write questions to lectors at any time and have up to 5 one-on-one (60 min) sessions with lector.

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Payment method

Due by June 30, 2024


- 35 hours of teaching videos from biology
- 35 hours of teaching videos from chemistry
- Online app for training of sample questions
- Possibility to write questions to lectors
- 5x individual one-on-one consultation with the lector

Premium course

- €300

Price without VAT

Full price

Price of the selected course is €899 (incl. VAT)

50 € discount for each recommendation. Refer someone to this premedical course and we will refund 50 € of the course price back to your bank account. The more people enter your name, the more we will give you back.

Duration of the course until: 14. 08. 2024


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